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With all of the choices for martial arts training, it makes sense that you may be wondering who we are and why we're different.  Let's start with who we are.  Family Kicks Taekwon Do is a family-owned and operated martial arts school that focuses on Traditional Taekwon Do.  We are affiliated with the International Taekwon Do Federation (ITF) and are the "sister school" to Mr. B's Taekwon Do in Somersworth, NH which is owned and operated by Master and Mrs. Boisvert (Mr. Holly's instructors).  

Why are we different?  We are the only school in the area that teaches solely traditional ITF-style Taekwon Do with a focus on self-defense.  We do not teach other martial arts styles nor do we teach any weapons training.  We feel that students should be able to learn without the challenges associated with multiple disciplines, and should learn how to utilize the tools they have with them at all times, their mind and body.  Weapons training can be exciting but rarely practical, and in Mr. Holly's experience as police officer, when weapons become involved in any situation you can face all sorts of new issues.  

We are truly a family-owned and operated business.  You'll usually find Mr. Holly, Mrs. Holly and Mr. Holly's teenage son and daughter in class teaching and training together.  This helps to create a comfortable environment for adults and children, men and women, and we encourage families to come and train together.  Not only is this more efficient with everyone's busy schedules, but training together can be a fun and exciting activity to share together.

We are also fortunate to have the opportunity to have Master Boisvert (a 7th degree black belt) and Mrs. Boisvert (a 5th degree black belt) who will be travelling down to visit our school on occasion and offer additional training opportunities for our students.

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Steve Holly, Co-Owner and Chief Instructor

Mr. Holly is a 2nd degree Black Belt who trains under Master Adam Boisvert.  Mr. Holly is a veteran of the United States Air Force and was a police officer for 10 years before changing careers and moving into the finance industry where he does anti-money laundering and fraud investigations.  Mr. Holly was an instructor under Master Boisvert before relocating from New Hampshire to North Carolina in 2017.  Mr. Holly loves teaching Taekwon Do and is excited to share this incredible martial art with you!  

Mr. Holly, Co-Owner and Chief Instructor at Family Kicks Taekwon Do.
Mr. Holly, Co-Owner and Chief Instructor at Family Kicks Taekwon Do.

Crystal Holly, Co-Owner

Mrs. Holly just began her Taekwon Do journey when Family Kicks Taekwon Do opened its doors.  Originally from California, Mrs. Holly relocated to North Carolina with Mr. Holly in 2017.  While in California, Mrs. Holly owned and operated a Nanny business and brings her experience working with children to our school.  Though she is also learning and training along with the other students in class, she offers a special perspective to our women and younger students.  She will be the first to tell you that she wasn't sure if she would like Taekwon Do when she decided to open the school with Mr. Holly, but she is absolutely loving it and recommends it to everyone.

Mrs. Holly, Co-Owner at Family Kicks Taekwon Do.
Mrs. Holly, Co-Owner at Family Kicks Taekwon Do.

Our Sister School - Mr. B's Taekwon Do in Somersworth, NH

It Takes A Family....

Mr. B's Taekwon Do in Somersworth, NH just recently celebrated their 20th year in business.  When you look at Master Boisvert's school and see the commitment his entire family has to the school, you can see why.  The photo to the right shows 3 generations of Taekwon Do from Master Boisvert and his wife Shannon, their children Alexis and Aliya, Master Boisvert's mother and step-father, and Mrs. Boisvert's father and mother.  This family is the heartbeat of their incredible school.

Family Kicks Taekwon Do is proud and honored to be the sister school of such an amazing family.  This is where Mr. Holly trained and earned his black belt, and he will always be a student of Master Boisvert's and looks forward to training with him whenever possible.  The family model that the Boisverts have worked so hard to create and instill in their school is exactly what the Holly's are bringing to Family Kicks.  The Boisverts have provided an incredible amount of support and guidance to Family Kicks and we look forward to many, many years of our two schools working together the way families do.  Students of Family Kicks Taekwon Do can look forward to visits from the Boisverts and other instructors at Mr. B's who will be coming down from time to time to train with us and even put on a seminar or two for us!

To learn more about our sister school up in Somersworth, NH, click on their photo to the right or visit

Master Boisvert (center) and his family represents 3 generations of Taekwon Do.
Master Boisvert (center) and his family represents 3 generations of Taekwon Do.

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